Papa Week 6 Project-40 (1)


You have a long to-buy list but you are too lazy to go to the supermarket to do grocery? No dinner but too busy to drive and get it? We got you covered! From supermarket, public market, or hardware up to your favourite restaurant, we will be your personal shopper to help you make your life easier.


Rate starts at P59.00 within first 3km and plus P25.00 per pick-up point.

Papa Week 6 Project-41 (1)


You were heading to your office but you forgot your report at home? You prepared lunch meal for your kids but they forgot to bring it to school? Selling online but you want to make your delivery process easier? Worry no more! Our delivery services will bring your parcel straight to your receiver's doorstep.

Rate Starts at P59.00 for the first 3 kms and +P19.00 per km.

Papa Week 6 Project-42 (1)


It takes forever to queue in line for your bills, right? We dread the feeling of paying bills not only because it cuts your budget but it also cuts your day's productivity. Good thing there's Papa-Bayad. You're bills payment are done safely, conveniently and paid real-time

Rate starts at P50.00 per biller.

Papa Week 6 Project-43 (1)


Leaking roof? Dirty gutter? Flat tire? We got your back! Because Papa is always there, need not to worry about those man skills that you wish you had. Leave the dirty work to us.

Rate starts at P300.oo for first three (3) hours, depending on skills and work scope required. Send a message to get a quote.


Are you an SME that needs logistics services regularly? is also an SME and we are an advocate of entrepreneurship. We want to help the entrepreneurial community uplift each others' businesses by providing them an ecosystem and platform to send and receive parcels, goods and other logistics needs you need to make your business grow. Need our help? Let's talk and discuss how we can grow our business together.

Want to join our team?

We are looking for personnel who can help us help our customers. Earn and learn with us!

What we are looking for:

Skilled and Unskilled Personnel who are willing to work within Pampanga on an on-call basis.


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